Monday, May 23, 2011

Baggage Update:

I began yesterday (day two in Peru) with a more serious inquiry into the whereabouts of the lost luggage. I had hoped that the bags had actually completed the journey from Chicago to Miami and then caught the afternoon flight from Miami into Lima on the 21st. This would mean the airline would deliver it sometime later in the afternoon and all would be well. My phone call yielded some answers, but unfortunately not the ones I was seeking. My bag had been located in Chicago, but as of yesterday morning at 9:30, there were no plans to get it from Chicago to Lima. I asked about Ed and Paulette's bags, and they DID make it to Lima and were scheduled to be delivered sometime in the afternoon yesterday. I haven't actually seen the bags, nor have I spoken with Ed and Paulette since midday yesterday, so I can only hope. I have to make the call again, hoping my bag has actually moved forward and is either here or en route. Tomorrow morning we depart for Nazca, then on to Arequipa, Puno, and then Cusco, staying no more than one night in any of these locations until we arrive at Cusco. I'm going to be very hard to catch after 6:00 tomorrow morning.
I'm afraid the odds are not in my favor.

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