Friday, June 20, 2008

Shameless self promotion

It's not often a small fish like myself actually gets to see his name in a major publication like U.S. News, so I might as well take advantage of when it does happen.

It actually all came about as a result of this article a couple of months ago.

The neat thing is it is actually inspiring people to bicycle commute.

Read them, they're pretty good articles (if I say so myself.)

Friday, March 14, 2008

Funny thing, rain

I was shaken out of bed at 5:30 this morning by the longest rumble of thunder I think I've ever heard in my life. I didn't sleep all that soundly all night for whatever reason, but as I would periodically regain consciousness I would hear the unmistakeable sound of rain on the roof. This sound, combined with mildly sore muscles from actually having begun running again only three days ago led me to the internal debate of --do I get up and exercise or stay in bed and call today a recovery day?
Fortunately, I wasn't the only person in the house who was awoken by the rumble of the thunder and by 5:45, I had three kids in bed next to me.
Anyone with kids understands that no matter how big your bed is, even one child makes sleeping impossible, so I did what any reasonable person would do: I got up and left my wife to try and sleep with the kids.
I was sorely tempted to choose one of the three abandoned beds and resume my rest/recovery day, but the desire to succeed at Leo's challenge won out and I went downstairs for 35 minutes on the rollers.
My bike misses me, and I need to do more yoga and riding to regain my balance. After all is said and done, I maintained a 90rpm cadence for 30 minutes or so, listened to my mp3 player, broke a sweat, and elevated my heart rate to about 135 for the duration.
That's a much more acceptable recovery/rest day than pretending the rain kept me from exercising.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

I don't want to jinx it

I guess the guilt of weighing in heavier yesterday than when I began the program a week ago may have been enough incentive to get me out of the recliner and into my running shoes again.
CJ is a little upset because I ran 4.5 miles yesterday afternoon and then got up at 6 this morning to run again. "You can't get obsessive about this, you know," she told me this morning as I got out of the shower.
I know there's a lot I can do and I am sure that I can be quite successful in dropping the few extra pounds of body fat that I have been greedily accruing over the past two years, it just means I have to work smarter and eat more sensibly.
No problem. I've been running two out of two days now. I just have to keep it up. IT ALWAYS GETS HARDER BEFORE IT GETS EASIER.
This time I am looking for base miles, simple cardio training. I have no need to increase my speed or distance for a few weeks, so I should be able to keep this up...

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Leo's Lose It Challenge

In an effort to improve fitness at UNA, the infirmary has sponsored a get fit competition. I have deluded myself into believing that I am on a workout/exercise hold as long as I am writing my dissertation, but really it's nothing more than 2 years of laziness and poor eating habits. I haven't run seriously in longer than I care to remember and at this point I am finding it extremely difficult to get moving again. One thing I am glad to say is that I am trudging through edits on my dissertation and actually am making forward progress. If I can generate momentum and keep it going, there is definitely an end in sight...
As for Leo and losing it, I gained a pound this week and now have only seven weeks to get fit. I am not motivated to exercise in the least, but am part of a team, therefore I must do something.
I guess the first thing to do is rein in my rampant eating habits, eliminate all excess calories from my diet and then watch the pounds melt away.
Once again it is time to reevaluate the direction I am headed and make the necessary adjustments before they become major adjustments.
Nothing serious, nothing interesting, just an update.

Monday, February 25, 2008

Happy Birthday, Aunt Wendy!!!

Wendy, We hope you have had a great day. We love you and miss you!!!(If this experiment works, it is very likely that Cynthia will have her own blogspot shortly...) As for me, I will likely remove this after its intended audience has seen it.