Tuesday, June 26, 2007

A summer apart...

I just moved my family to our new home. Interestingly, I didn't stay there with them. I have to be at the old home to finish my lingering projects. (Read: dissertation.)

I have until August 20 to finish my dissertation. Until then, I will only see my dear family occasionally on weekends. So I find myself with a lot of extra time and an incredible opportunity to re-create myself.

Now that my time is essentially my own, I have two main goals to work towards: Finish the dissertation and return to a state of acceptable fitness.

I have a detailed schedule for my daily activities that I am going to adhere to quite closely. This includes ample time for dissertation writing and continued research. I also have a fairly simple but stringent diet and exercise plan that I am going to follow.

The last time I was apart from my family for this much time I lost 30 pounds and became a runner. Fortunately I don't have to lose 30 pounds again, but I may have to rebuild myself as a runner. Of course, I cannot overlook my cycling and swimming, so I will rebuild myself as a triathlete.

Until further notice, my blogging will be focused on what is happening with these two goals...

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Scott said...

Wow. How things really change. More than two years after this post, I am finally finished with my dissertation. I obviously didn't make it by August 20 of that year, and the intervening years were plenty full of procrastination and occupied with a lot of other work projects.
Sadly, I now have to re-lose those 30 pounds and rebuild myself as a runner or triathlete or whatever.
I have some extra time now, though, so I think it can be done.