Thursday, September 03, 2009

Just another random post

Yesterday I extended my run from one mile to two. It took 22 minutes to run the two miles while pushing WH and SR2 in the jogging stroller. IA alternately lagged behind and surged ahead on his bicycle based on the terrain. My quads feel a little sore today. CJ wanted to watch HP5 (Order of the Phoenix) last night, and I only made it about half way into it before I dozed off. She brought me home a medium chocolate frosty treat from Wendy's, which I dutifully ate (without any coaxing, of course,) and I don't think it was all that great for my energy level today. The diet is going to be the most challenging habit to break and reestablish in this push for greater fitness. I think it's best if I just keep running. The diet will come gradually, as it always does.
Labor Day plans: bicycle with my friend SD, the 10aCUte, from Florence to Nashville. I get my bikes back from the bike doctor today. I am looking forward to 120 miles of good old fashioned suffering. (Okay, I won't suffer for the full 120 miles, but most likely anything after 60 will be pretty miserable.)
I'll post again Monday night or Tuesday with the results of the ride.

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