Monday, November 15, 2010

Two Days of Agony

I am walking like an old man in desperate need of every joint replacement from the hip down.
My two-mile run in the VFF shoes worked my calves more than I originally felt. By afternoon Saturday, my calves were as tight as rocks and terribly sore. Sitting for even a few minutes allowed the muscles to tense up and each time I stood to walk, it was the same thing over again: agony in my calves. All day Sunday was spent the same way, hobbling from place to place, stretching out and massaging my calves in between, and having them freeze up again after sitting for two to three minutes.
Fortunately, the pain is subsiding today, and I actually look forward to being able to run again either this afternoon or tomorrow. (I am back on my regular early morning schedule, which makes running before work impossible.)
A student of mine who runs in these shoes is planning on running a 10K this weekend in his. I am looking forward to getting to that point once again.

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