Tuesday, January 04, 2011

New Year's Resolve

I've finally hit the point where I am disgusted at what I see when I look at my physique in the mirror. New year, another recommitment to being healthier this year. It's hard to comprehend how quickly I have let myself fall out of shape, but rather than dwell on the fact that I am out of shape right now, I have to plan how to get back into shape.
My calves don't scream in agony after I run in the toe shoes any more, but I still feel them being worked when I run the hills in my neighborhood. I'm running an average of 3 miles per day, six days a week (over two weeks now) and regret that I can only run about an 8:45/mile pace. I used to average 6:30/mile or faster for any distance up to six or seven miles, and about 6:45-7:00 for ten to fifteen miles. I have a lot of work to do to get back to that point.
I have ridden my new fixie bike to seminary (six miles round trip) for the past two days this week, and the last 1/2 mile of each leg is when I start feeling the real fatigue in my legs. A fixie is a strange animal. Not relying on the derailleur to downshift when I ride up hills forces me to work harder overall, and not being able to stand stationary at an intersection without releasing my foot forces me to carefully consider my route of travel. I desperately need to learn to do a track stand. Retraining myself to never coast has been challenging at times, but not as challenging as figuring out getting into the stupid toe clips on the pedals easily. Arrgh.
I'm going to try the Scale Back Alabama program again this year. Our team's plan is to have everyone put in $30 and if we lose the 10 pounds, we get our money back. If not, those who do lose the weight get to split our entry fee. This is a more immediate consequence and one that is likely to encourage me to succeed rather than the incentive of entering each team in a drawing to win $1000 if all members of the team successfully lose 10 pounds in the 10 weeks. I hope my disgust at my image in the mirror also continues to provide incentive.
I'm also resolved to raise the bar in my classes this semester. I know all of my students this semester and know that they are capable of doing more and performing better in my classes than what I have previously required of them. I am excited about the classes I am offering, and look forward to the semester beginning next week.

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