Friday, May 26, 2006

Tapering and Fine Tuning

I focused my workout yesterday on the swim portion of the triathlon. Rather than just get in and swim the usual laps and intervals, I thought it would make sense to practice entering the pool, swimming the distance, and exiting the pool. I like to think I am a fairly decent swimmer and expect to do well on the swim portion of Monday's triathlon, but I also know that there is far more to be lost than gained in the swim portion of a triathlon. 200 meters can burn you out fast if you don't control yourself. Like any race, I suppose the same theory applies: go out slowly and then increase speed as you approach the end. A few weeks ago I tried sprinting for the full 200 meters and couldn't swim 150 without a break. A day later, I got in the pool and swam a very relaxed 200 meters in 3:30. It's certainly not record pace, but it's fast enough to let me get onto the bike without exerting too much energy or leaving me with too much time to make up. Yesterday I practiced swimming with my cap and goggles on, entering the pool, swimming the distance and exiting the pool. I don't know exactly how the triathlon will be done, but I want to get a feel for hoisting myself out of the pool and getting into the transition area quickly and into the more lengthy parts of the race. Tomorrow I will practice the swim to bike transition a few times. If anything, my transitions will be the places where I lose the most time. I'd hate to lose a race there, so I will practice...
My physical condition is not going to improve any between now and Monday, so I am carefully working out the race particulars in my mind. I have grown quite fond of visualization and meditation over the past year, and it is helping me gear up for Monday.
Beyond that, there's no additional training that I am going to try at this point.
My 27-week training plan begins next week and the triathlon will be a nice way to "kick off" my summer season.
Good luck to everyone racing this weekend, no matter what the sport, and STAY SAFE!!!!!
Hopefully I can post a few race pictures on Monday or Tuesday...


Lana said...

Hi Scott - I just found your blog via Michele. We did a few triathlons last year, and just completed our first marathon in Nashville (CMM). Good luck in Nashville Monday! Have you considered coming down our way for the Mach Tenn Triathlon June 3rd? - Very fun race - it was my first tri ever and I loved it. It'll be my first tri this year.

Scott said...

I'm afraid that a June 3 triathlon is a little soon for me to get up to snuff, especially after today's race.
I'll keep an eye on it for next year and maybe work it into my calendar. Good luck to you, though!!! Race hard.