Wednesday, March 12, 2008

I don't want to jinx it

I guess the guilt of weighing in heavier yesterday than when I began the program a week ago may have been enough incentive to get me out of the recliner and into my running shoes again.
CJ is a little upset because I ran 4.5 miles yesterday afternoon and then got up at 6 this morning to run again. "You can't get obsessive about this, you know," she told me this morning as I got out of the shower.
I know there's a lot I can do and I am sure that I can be quite successful in dropping the few extra pounds of body fat that I have been greedily accruing over the past two years, it just means I have to work smarter and eat more sensibly.
No problem. I've been running two out of two days now. I just have to keep it up. IT ALWAYS GETS HARDER BEFORE IT GETS EASIER.
This time I am looking for base miles, simple cardio training. I have no need to increase my speed or distance for a few weeks, so I should be able to keep this up...

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